Daisy Chain


  • Interior

    • walls & ceilings
      • Claypaint
      • Lifestyle Emulsion
    • woodwork
      • Eggshell No.17
  • Claypaint

    Earthborn Claypaint is a great covering power and a lush, tactile, flat matt finish. Hygroscopic and highly breathable making it ideal for all interior rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens. This paint is specially tinted for you.

    • * Tester £4.50 Add to basket
    • 2.5 L £40.00 Add to basket
    • 5 L £70.50 Add to basket
    earthBorn claypaint tin

    *Always try a test pot first

    • Test pots are only available in Claypaint
    • Paint colours look different on screen and in real life