Mylands of London


Mylands of London Paints
Mylands Paint Exterior Bridge Blue
Mylands Paint Pure White Hallway
Mylands Paints Eaton Square Hall
Mylands Paint Kitchen Palmerston Pink
Mylands of London is the oldest paint manufacturer in Great Britain still owned and managed by the founding family.

Mylands of London started in 1884, their success and longevity has been based upon a simple manufacturing philosophy passed down through the generations. Mylands team of expert technicians constantly experiment with the best available raw materials to product paints and finishes that outperform mass-produced alternatives, and they constantly strive to analyse, reproduce and develop the highest quality and range of paint colours for all applications.

We are delighted to bring you Mylands 'Colours of London' range of 120 paint colours.

Click a colour for sizes and finishes.


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