Little Greene Grey


Little Greene Grey Paints
Once again Little Greene has it's finger on the pulse of fashion with its latest capsule paint collection; the simply but unequivocally named Little Greene 'Grey'. Presenting four variations of this totally on-trend colour, each in seven degrees of intensity, the paint collection channels the decade;s hottest look.

Little Greene's 'Grey' paint collection represents a proven palette of graduated greys, which have been formulated using four naturally occurring pigments as standard; verdigris, umber, ochre and red oxide. These pigments have, for many centuries, been used to create harmonious, balanced and tranquil interiors.

The Little Greene 'Grey' paint collection embraces shades of grey from the palest, almost white, tones through to charcoal, brown and blue-black hues. As always the paint colours are evocatively named; Wood Ash, Down, Rubine Ashes, Furrow and Toad to name but a few!

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