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Little Greene: Colour Scales -
Little Greene: Colour Scales -
Little Greene: Colour Scales -
Little Greene: Colour Scales -
A refreshed paint colour palette from Little Greene. This is part of their new compendium of 108 paint shades which brings together the most popular hues from the company’s renowned ‘Stone', 'Grey’ and ‘Colour Scales’ paint collections on a single card.

Stone: Developed in collaboration with the National Trust, Stone is an elegant palette offering warmth, tranquility, timelessness and harmonious coordination, with an array of completely natural colours grouped together according to undertone and based on naturally occurring pigments. Each colour sits in one of six granulated families; Red Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Green Earth. Use shades within the same column for tonal coordination, or across columns for more contrast.

Grey: Little Greene's 'Grey' paint collection represents a proven palette of graduated greys, which have been formulated using four naturally occurring pigments as standard; verdigris, umber, ochre and red oxide. These pigments have, for many centuries, been used to create harmonious, balanced and tranquil interiors.

Colour Scales: A further eight families of diluted colours bring a subtle spectral range to the Colour Scales card. Combinations of the lightest four shades are commonly used to discreet depth to a room - by softly defining characterful architectural features, or reducing the contrast of walls and ceilings which are subjected to different light levels.

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