Albany Smooth Masonry


Albany Smooth Masonry Paints
Albany Smooth Masonry - Duck Egg Blue
Albany Smooth Masonry - New Gardenia
Albany Smooth Masonry - Hazelnut
Albany Smooth Masonry - Brilliant White
Albany paint from Brewers has been a popular choice for discerning decorators for over 25 years. Brewers have invested a wealth of knowledge and experience in producing a high quality paint product, which has been recommended throughout the trade and become a firm favourite amongst professional and amateur decorators alike. Albany Smooth Masonry paint is a durable water borne matt masonry paint. Suitable for exterior surfaces such as concrete rendering, pebbledash, rough cast, building blocks and stone. Do not use on common or fletton type brick. Available in a range of 60 paint colours, including brilliant white and magnolia.

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